Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Give Me the Other Brother

Don't go throwing away those Runyan jerseys just yet.

The latest news on Shawn Andrews is that he was in Los Angeles yesterday visiting the doc that performed last year's back surgery. I am no doctor but sending a guy with a bad back across the country is not a good sign. It seems like a last resort to this fan.

Maybe the doctors in LA are better than the doctors back home in Philly. And maybe Shawn and his bro-hawk will find happiness out there. As an Eagles fan we hope so.

But back to reality...we can no longer count on Shawn to help this season (again!). If he does play, well then, what a bonus. It is time to make serious plans for another season without Andrews.

Do you feel comfortable with Justice as your starting RT (he did outplay Peters in preseason game #1)? Do you think the Eagles should slide Stacy Andrews out to tackle and then insert Cole or Maxie as the starting RG? Or is it back to the past and resign John Runyan.

My preference would be to slide Stacy Andrews to RT since he has experience there and is younger than Runyan. Cole and Maxie looked good last season starting at RG.

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