Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Justice for Real

The countdown is now just 1 day.

Anyone else getting jacked up for the return of football? Sure Thursday night is only the preseason opener, but for most of us it's our first chance to see the 2009-'10 Philadelphia Eagles. The team with the "NFL's best roster."

Sure the Phillies are in the midst of another playoff push. And we can't forget that Pedro is making his Phillies debut today. Regardless, just give me my E-A-G-L-E-S football (and please no more injuries)!

With the starters expected to play less than a full quarter this fan's attention will instead be focused on the RT position. The media had been painting this pretty picture of Winston Justice being a new player. There is now intensity, dedication, and fire in Justice.

But when you mention the name Winston Justice the the Eagles' fanbase continues to give you comments like human turnstile, draft bust, or worse.

So which is the real Justice?

Entering his 4th season has Justice finally turned the proverbial corner? Or will real game action again show fans the need and urgency for Andrews to get on the field or for the Eagles to go back to the past and sign Runyan?

So as much fun as it will be to hopefully watch Donovan and DeSean hook up for a TO-like preseaon opening TD pass the real intrigue for this fan will come by watching #74 for a few quarters.

By Chris Klinkner

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