Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Maclin Troubles Equal Jackson Worries

Sure it's only preseason. But averaging a muffed / dropped punt per game is not a good sign for a teams' starting punt returner. Unfortunately these are the numbers that Jeremy Maclin is currently carrying.

Maybe Maclin can do a DeSean and contribute on offense this year. But his camp hold out does not make this fan confident that this statement becomes truth. Instead it's more likely that Maclin's greatest impact this season will come on special teams as a punt returner. His speed should equal many explosive returns (see the ball, catch the ball, and THEN run).

But it's still preseason so I am not overly worried about the kid. But I am worried that Ted Daisher is floating the idea of putting Jackson back as a punt returner on Thursday night against the Jags.

Jackson is a #1 WR. With Westbrook still battling back from injury Jackson is the Eagles' top offensive weapon. Such a player should not be risking injury returning punts in a meaningless preseason game. I do not want to see DeSean being the next injury casualty this off season.

Jackson as a punt returner should be viewed the same as Westrbook being a punt returner. Put #10 back there in dire situations only.

So come on Maclin showcase those hands and skills this Thursday. Make the idea of Jackson returning punts an afterthought. Let our #1 WR concentrate on catching the ball from McNabb and not from the opposing punter.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy Maclin isn't and will no be returing kicks and punts, at least this season. Hobbs is the man.