Friday, August 28, 2009

McNabb Being The Leader

One of the greatest criticisms of Donovan McNabb has been his supposed lack of leadership. Sadly, even when McNabb portrays leadership qualities he still gets criticized.

In my opinion I view McNabb voicing and signaling his displeasure over the Vick "trickery" last night and the offense being unable to establish a rhythm as leadership. McNabb realizes the importance of getting HIS offense on track before the regular season rolls around.

Preseason game #3 is a teams last and really only chance in the off season to establish the cohesion and rhythm needed to start the season off with Ws. The constant substitutions and reformation of the offense for Vick prevented the offense from getting these things done last night.

The starters won't be playing next week against the Jets. Will the offense be dynamic, or even good when September 13 rolls around? We really don't know. There have been flashes of good play, but nothing sustained. The offense will go into Carolina with a lot of unanswered questions because the Eagles too got caught up in the Vick circus on Thursday.

McNabb realized the error of the last night's game plan and made his displeasure be known. He stood up for his offense. He acted like a leader last night.

And for the idiot fans who are chanting for Vick the moment McNabb makes a mistake you are clueless. Vick is no where near the QB that #5 is. The statistics prove it. The W-L record proves it. The off-the-field behavior proves it.

And if you are going to continue to question the leadership of McNabb, well don't go looking for leadership in Vick. Vick thought it more important to please the fans last night with a QB scramble instead of following the play called. Good for us fans, but not something you want out of the position designated to lead your team.

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bula412 said...

well said. agree 100 percent