Thursday, August 6, 2009

Player news

Yes, I have posted nothing of late. But I had some other things and priotitized. And I've been ill for a while now. Anyway, I'm going to try to round-up some of that news we missed, in order from oldest to the newest.


Yes, I know that you know this but I have to catch-up with the times. So, FYI Stewart Bradley is gone for the season. Got an ACL injury. A time-taking heal and a possible talent drain. I've always felt Bradley was underrated as a player. But he can't prove me right this year, he'll be sitting down at gime-time. Hope we can see him up soon.


This actually happened, the same day as Bradley's injury. So maybe it healed the pain a little. Anyway, 19-overall pick Jeremy Maclin was signed. Were talking 5-years, 15.5 million. With 9.5 guaranteed to the good mac in green.


Due to the lost of Stewart...we now have former San Deigo Linebacker, Matt Wilhelm. It's one a one-year, so nothing big. Let's just see how he holds up.


Former first-round pick Jason Babin signed a one-year deal with us. No guarentee he'll be making the squad, I think he and Wilhelm are both test linebackers.


This news is pretty recent actually, just yesterday Juqua Parker was busted for a small amount of marijuana. But, I don't have many info sources. Why? Becuase I'm using a school computer, and so many sites are blocked.

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