Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is crazy!.......And I love it!

Who say this coming?????
If you say you did.......YOUR A LIAR!
This is the biggest shock I've ever seen in football, right here. I was going for a run, when I get a ESPN text saying that Philly signed Vick. My jaw dropped. And you gotta' think, I was getting this text right when I was getting another text saying how bad we were losing (It wasn't on TV down in Tennessee). I was feeling the strange mix of heavy breathing from running, a little mad for losing, and shocked for signing Mike Vick.
But you see, I'm not a Vick hater. I'm a Wildcat lover. And I still have memories of DeSean Jackson passing to the wrong team in that Wildcat. So, I'm cool with this - more than cool. I'm diggin'...Mick Vickin'. And I'm going to act like I've never said that.
Still, it's not like we'll be seeing the guy any time soon. For the moment, he's in no shape to be playing NFL football. He's barley in shape to be playing High School football.

You know what I love most about this...the publicity. I love being front-page news. Sure, all the ESPN nerds can say that your putting on a big load when you get Mike Vick. But man, I love that were the team to carry that load. This completely over-throws any noise today's game could have made.
I wish I lived in Philly, I'd be going to public practices day in and day out just to see Michael on the field. You lucky Northerners.
Wait hold up, as I type this post...we're coming back. It's 27-25 (New England). Signing Vick was like our good luck charm.........'Nah! Everyone knows the Pats just suck in the preseason!

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Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU EAGLES! Bad decisions as usual mother fuckers!