Friday, August 14, 2009

The Vick Day Has Arrived

Even though I still don't 100% agree with the Vick signing my interests are still peaked (to say the least) so I turned on the Reid, Vick, and Dungy press conference this afternoon.

In short, I am beginning to sway a bit on the Vick signing.

Again, this fan will never forgive or forget the animal crimes committed by Vick. But Vick has been given a 2nd chance by our Eagles and I am an Eagles fan, so I will support Vick on the field. I have other role models in my life so I don't need to look up to an athlete to learn how to carry out my life.

What this fan took away from the press conference...
- Vick looks to be in good shape (football shape, well who knows?)
- Vick looks to be truly remorseful
- Dungy seems to be a mentor for the long haul
- Reid and the Eagles seem committed that this move makes the team better

One signing doesn't make me not like the Eagles. The team and the sport let me escape from life's stressers. I will still be at the Linc cheering on the Eagles come NFL Sundays. If Vick helps in getting the Lombardi to Philly, well then he only adds to the enjoyment of my Eagles football.

Let the madness begin!

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well said.