Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vick Means Santa is Back

Of course we expected the NY media to attack the Vick signing and of course if you are writing about Philadelphia you HAVE to mention booing Santa Claus. Thanks for not disappointing us Gary Myers...

"The Eagles and Vick, however, are just a bad fit, for a bunch of reasons. This is a tough, blue-collar town. They take sports very seriously. Sports talk radio can be brutal. Eagles fans once pelted Santa Claus with snowballs and cheered when Michael Irvin went down with a career-ending neck injury."

And remember the game the Eagles played Thursday, you know before we became Vick-a- delphia? Anyone else concerned that Winston Justice looked to be the better starting Tackle? Peters looked like a freaking turnstile out there. This fan wonders if he really re injured his quad or just had enough embarrassment and took himself on the field. Overall the OL did a decent job run blocking, but fellas, Mr. Reid is a passing guy!

But the play of Peters was damn good compared to the play of the special teams unit. Way to make a coaching debut Mr. Daisher...muffed punt, a return for a TD, missed FG, crap punts. And we thought Rory was bad last year.

Still it was only preseason game #1...plenty of time for improvement. And the whole Vick signing covered up the dismal play nicely. Shame the Eagles couldn't of signed Vick after the NFC Championship game last year!

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bula412 said...

i wonder if every time they talk about chicago fans, they will say "those fans that plunked victorino in the dome with a beer"?