Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Wisdom (or not) of Justin Tuck

Smart man that Justin Tuck. Or not.

In today's New York Daily News Mr. Tuck is quoted as saying the following: "The Eagles were our No. 1 threat to begin with." I couldn't agree with the man more.

It's a two team race in the NFC East this season. These words may come back to bite me, but as an Eagles' fan I am not worried about the G-Men or 'Skins this season.

Tucks also goes on to say that if McNabb were to line-up as a TE when Vick is in the game that he would of course take his shot at #5. Fair is fair and football is a contact sport. Can't argue with Tuck on this point.

Where I continue my disagreement is when Tuck says that the Giants will have figured out the "Vick packages" by the time the 2 teams meet on November 1.

To that I say good luck. Aren't the G-Men responsible for the saying "22 eyes on #36?" Vick can be just as dangerous as #36 in open space. And despite a game plan of 22 eyes on B-West I remember B-West leaving Pierce in a cloud of dust.

So many offensive weapons I am drooling over here. I can't wait until that November 1 match-up!

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Kyle said...

If we play them in week 8 and Vick is currently suspended until week 6 does Tuck expect to be up to speed with the packages after 1 full game? Will they use pre-season footage to game plan? They won't be ready, no one will.