Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Beard is Back - Well It Should Be

The beard I am growing has nothing to do with the fall weather that we are currently experiencing. Nope, it has everything to do with the current state of the Eagles.

The Andy Reid beard brought us fans so much good fortune last season (well until that NFC Championship Game, but the beard can't be blamed for that one, the Eagles almost always seems to crumble in the NFC Championship game).

So with so many questions already surrounding the 2009-'10 Eagles I thought it's time to start growing the beard. OL, Safety, MLB...the beard has us covered.

McNabb has a problem with to the beard. I can already picture the beard staring in the next Shawn Andrews You Tube video. And if come December the Eagles are tanking, well the Reid beard should have that Santa Claus look and we Philly fans love to show our appreciation to Santa (sorry, couldn't resist and, yes, only kidding!).

I know Andy doesn't read Bleed Eagles Green (though he should) but this fan is hoping for a return of the beard. The success of our season is depending on your facial hair Andy.

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