Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Booker Story: One Man's Garbage Is Another Man's Garbarge

So I was reading up on the happenings of an NFC East rival and I came across the following bit regarding Lorenzo Booker.

It seems that every Eagles' fan favorite whipping boy was in for a look-see with the G-Men. After watching Booker's tenure in Philly it's not surprising that Booker left without a new deal. The Giants liked Gartrell Johnson better. (So who has the better ex-Charger as their 3rd RB, the Eagles or the Giants?)

So it looks like another day on the unemployment line for Booker. It's a shame he can't play QB, I hear the Eagles are into bringing back their exes. Oh well, maybe Booker can go hang out with Tony Hunt on Sundays.