Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bye, Bye Booker

Second chances. It's been a theme during the Eagles 2009 off-season. I'll spare you another Vick post and instead focus on another Eagle who was given a second chance. Hopefully Vick has better luck then Lorenzo Booker with his second chance.

Chance one was being selected in the 3rd round by the Miami Dolphins. This chance was wasted when he couldn't manage to crack the starting line-up or contribute significantly to a 1-15 Dolphins team. But one man's garbage is another man's 4th round draft pick.

Chance two was being traded to the Eagles for a 4th round draft pick. Chance two was wasted when Booker managed only 53 yards rushing and 11 yards receiving during the 2008 season. Oh yeah, the guy was also benched for 6 games and made Winston Justice look like an All-Pro with his turnstile blocking in the backfield.

I remember attending the Eagles game last Thanksgiving and being so excited with the performance of Kyle Eckel. With each strong carry I dreamed of the permanent deactivation of Booker. Evidently my turkey had too much tryptophan and I was delusional. Booker would unfortunately be returning for the 2009 season.

Insert off-season pick-up Eldra Buckley. See a strong preseason rushing the ball by Buckley. See a strong preseason on special teams by Buckley. See Thursday night, September 3, 2009 being the last game that Booker plays for the Eagles.

It's a guarantee that the Eagles are only keeping 3 RBs on the roster. The versatility of Weaver eliminates any need for a 4th RB. This should all equal Booker being cut when the Eagles trim their roster to 53 players next week.

Bye, bye Booker. Make sure the door hits you hard on the way out. I hear Reno is looking for a business partner out in Utah. And I know a couple hundred thousand fans that would willingly drive you to the airport for the first plane out of Philadelphia!

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