Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Confidence Builder This Is Not!

I am psyched for the season opener...less than 3 days away. Well I was psyched until I read the following statement from Marty Mornhinweg...

Mornhinweg also acknowledged that he has not gone into a season with as many untested parts as he has this season. The goal for the offense is to “get a little better each game,” he said.

What about the talk about this being the most talented offensive roster since 2004! Not much of a confidence builder...damn you Marty for ruining my Thursday! Oh yeah, the Big Kid was held out of practice today. What happened to "beasting" it up Shawn?!?

Well time for another glass of the green kool-aid. The offense will be fine and Andrews will be a beast again come Sunday!


justincharlesharlan said...

Gaither's biggest strength is lateral movement, if Bunk and Patt keep blockers off of him, he's a difference maker off the edges.

Gocong is solid against the run, so the DEs on that side just need to keep their blockers from getting to him.

On the other side, Trent Cole is a beast, run or pass against him and he'll show you that. Jordan isn't horrible, though I see him as the biggest question mark against a good running team, actually.

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