Thursday, September 24, 2009

EDID Won’t Join the Show

All jokes about the Big Kid aside, I had honestly hoped he’d join my RemixThis! Contest on my personal website. While I have received 10+ awesome entries, one is lacking… EDID’s remix.

Shawn answers most of my tweets about food, life, and football… but he ignores my requests to join in the fun of remixing CookBook’s hot track, “Solid Gold”.

While I can forgive him, as he has been all over the place getting his backed check on and whatnot, I was truly hoping that EDID could help Cook get his Michael Phelps on!

Tweet @shawnandrews73 to say hi sometime, he’s definitely a nice dude. But if you mention me, make sure not to be a flaming tool. I honestly wish the guy well, despite being a frustrated fan that wants the mauler on the field.

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