Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fantasy Begins: Sign This Man

The guy on the right, that is. Expect this picture to be a familiar sight this weekend, with a likely 20+ carries to the former Eagles mainstay, Correll Buckhalter. Buck, the Birds' dependable backup for the past few seasons finally gets his chance to shine (even if it is for the possibly dreadful Broncos) and I don't expect him to waste it.

While Westbrook (the Eagles starter) is/was a proven commodity ahead of Buck on the depth chart, Knowshon Moreno is not! A solid week or two as the starter and Knowshon becomes the 3rd down back for this season and the future starter. Sure, Moreno will get touches, but this is Correll's chance to cement himself as the Broncos' starter for this season.

At very least, sign him up as a plug and play for this week. Buck is facing Cincy's defense, which is mediocre at best... and with Moreno hobbled, he is the guy. Hillis may steal a goalline TD, but the rest of will be the Buck show.

Book it! (for my most recent fantasy advice, check out this post on my website).


chris klinkner said...

already on the team and starting this week. actually starting him over Stewart of the Pantehrs.

justincharlesharlan said...

Word. I am starting him over my franchise back this week because I can't bear to start guys facing the Birds (Deangelo Williams).