Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fantasy Football: Backup Birds Style

This may just be the week that us Birds fans who picked Shady in the mid-to-late fantasy rounds get to play him. Even if Westbrook starts this week, it’s unlikely they lean on him against the Chiefs. While we cannot afford a loss to this abysmal club, Westy is banged up and is likely to be unneeded. That leaves an opening to be filled by the prolific Pitt back.

So, unless you have can’t miss stud backs (ie. I start Michael Turner AND DeAngelo Williams in 1 of my 3 leagues), give Shady a chance this week. He’s gonna surprise you.

Fantasy Forecast: 80-90 yards rushing, 5 receptions for 45 yards, and a TD.

PS. Yes, that is my adorable 10 month old son, Cash, in the Shady jersey up top. Just call him “Li’l Shady”!

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