Monday, September 7, 2009

Get Off to a Fast Start

As painful as it is to do I think back to last season's NFC Championship game against the Cardinals. Even with missed opportunities by both the offense and defense this fan still believes that had the game been played in Philadelphia the Eagles would have won the game.

Case closed, Arizona would not have traveled to the Linc and left victorious. Just would not have happened. But home field wasn't a reality and instead the Eagles left Arizona with Cardinal celebratory confetti filling the sky.

But on to present day and me (and hopefully all fans) placing a heavy emphasis on the Eagles having home field advantage in the playoffs this season. Playing in the NFC East will make this tough, but the NY Giants managed to accomplish this feat last season.

No more sneaking into the playoffs on the season's final game (thought it was pretty damn sweet to win in Week 17 and also knock out the Cowboys!). The Eagles need to start fast this season. I know easier said than done when you look at recent Eagles' history. In short, early wins have eluded the Eagles in recent seasons.

- 2005: 4-4
- 2006: 4-4
- 2007: 3-5
- 2008: 5-3 (good, but then lost and tied games 9 and 10)

An opening season, road match-up against the Panthers would lead most to think 0-1 out of the gate. But don't forget that the Panthers lost some key defensive players this preseason and the Panthers strong offensive strategy (running) equals the Eagles strong defensive strategy (see Patterson and Bunkley stopping the run).

So this fan is thinking offensive explosion by the Eagles (see Rams game last season) and a 1-0 start. With games against the Saints, Chiefs, Bucs, Raiders, and the G-Men and Cowgirls both at home opening the season with a 6-2 record (or dare I say 7-1) is definitely achievable.

Give yourself some breathing room. In the event of an injury there is some padding to the record. Then regroup for the stretch run and finish by kicking the Cowboys' ass on January 3 (season finale) to clinch home field and keep Dallas home for the playoffs.

6 more days...I can't freaking wait!!

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