Friday, September 18, 2009

Get Win #2 Now!

How quickly we have forgotten last season. True the Eagles did get their miracle to get into the playoffs, but don't forget they needed a miracle.

Every game counts. Despite it being only Week 2...every game counts. So I am confused as to why I am hearing fans and media outlets saying that the Eagles are fine if they split the next 2 games before the bye.

Screw that! I want a 3-0 record. I want the Eagles to get themselves an early cushion in the W column. Last time the Eagles started 2-0 they ended up in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl, in Miami, is where I want the Eagles again this season.

Of course the team is playing to win this Sunday against the Saints. But we fans also need to expect the Eagles to win. Yes even if Kolb starts at QB expect the win. Just expect that B-West and Shady lead a successful running attack, the defensive game plan will again be A+, and the Special Teams will be able to break a few against a weak Saint's unit.

So enough with down playing the importance of this weekend's game. It counts just as much as a Week 16 or Week 17 match-up. Come Monday this fan wants a 2-0 record.

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