Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gross and Otah Equals Worried

Hell if we fans know the strengths and weaknesses of the Eagles defense there is a pretty good chance that the guys in Carolina earning a paycheck for coaching know them too.

The Eagles need to score quick on Sunday. The Eagles need to build an early lead on the Panthers (Donovan to DeSean...Touchdown!). Doing so means the Panthers will need to abandon the run and instead rely on Delhomme and the passing attack to win the game. I like that game plan better a whole lot better than the one that has Williams and Stewart pounding the ball.

Williams and Stewart are talented, but the key to their success is the massive Tackles that they are running behind. Jordan Gross and Jeff Otah are 2 of the top Tackles in the game (Gross could even be considered the best T in the entire NFL). These 2 giants are sure to wear down the Eagles undersized DEs as the game progresses.

I have no concerns with Patterson and Bunkley stopping runs up the middle. I do have concerns with Cole, Parker, Clemons, and Babin stopping the run on the outside. If the game is close it could be a long day of runs off the edge for the Eagles D. And with questions at LB and S these runs could be big gainers.

Here's hoping Delhomme is airing them out come Sunday.


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