Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Heavenly Performance

This wasn't week 1 in 2008. These weren't the Rams. The Panthers were 12-4 last season. The Panthers were the NFC South division champs. The Panthers have the top 1-2 rushing combo in the NFL. The so-called experts had the Panthers again being one of the NFC's top teams this season.

Questions swirled all around the Eagles Defense this off-season. There was the unexpected departure of fan-favorite and future HOFer Dawkins. Dawkins was then replaced by a rookie S who played CB in college. Then there was the tragic passing of legendary coach Jim Johnson. Lastly, one of the conference's top MLBs, Bradley, was lost for the season in a silly exhibition show.

So based on all of this the Eagles D should of been in big trouble today. Not quite. Not even close. To say the Eagles D dominated the Panthers today would underestimate their performance. McDermott must of been talking to JJ the angel on his headset this afternoon. The gameplan was perfect and then some. I loved the use and Cole and releasing him from the LB position.

Williams and Stewart were held to 72 yards on 25 carries. 5 interceptions were spread across three Panthers QBs. 2 fumbles, 5 sacks, and 1 TD. Makes you wish your fantasy team was starting this D today.

McDermott made his mentor proud today. The Eagles defense showed last season's top 3 ranking was no fluke. The bar is set high for the D. With the McNabb injury and the possibility of Kolb leading this team next week the D is going to need an encore performance against the almighty Drew Brees.

Anyone else hoping that A.J. Feeley is waiting in the Philadelphia airport when the Eagles return home tonight?