Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot to Trot?

Jeremiah came in for a workout today. Some on the Eagles Boards and other sites are speculating he could be coming in because the team doesn't like Omar at MIKE. Others note that he could be depth in case of further question, especially with Mays not playing due to injury. There is one thing everyone seems to be missing...

Trotter was a ST beast when asked to fill that role. He's a hard hitter and a solid leader who could possibly help a ST unit with little leadership due to the departure of Baskett and Considine, as well as the loss of Gaither/Jordan as both are starting on the Defense.

If this signing occurs, he may see some downs in goal line sets and 4th & 1's, but expect him to be hauling ass downfield to hit people on kicks and punts with Tracy White, because that's where he'd fit most and where he's needed right now.


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