Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kolb Can't Run an Offense, But The Eagles Can Run

1 sack allowed and 185 rushing yards gained. Not a bad day for the much questioned OL. And with the injury to McNabb will Reid actually lean on the OL and the running game in the upcoming weeks? May we see a return of the 3-headed monster. Weaver, McCoy, and Westbrook tallied 121 yards rushing this afternoon, so hopefully the answer is yes.

And even more reason to hope the Eagles lean on the rushing game next week is the play of Kolb. A completion percentage of 64% (7 of 11) may look good, but #4's play was anything but a confidence builder. Kolb may mentally know the Eagles offense, but executing the plays he cannot. Kolb looked scared, indecisive, and as a result was unable to move the offense.

The sample size for Kolb in the regular season remains small, but this fan has seen enough. Some players peak at the college level. Mention the University of Houston to a knowledgeable football fan and I can guarantee the fan will say...David Kingler, high draft pick, an NFL bust. Andre Ware, high draft pick, an NFL bust. Kevin Kolb, high draft pick, yep, he is looking like a bust too.

Back to Donovan. Despite the cracked rib I think he plays next week. The man can handle the pain. Week 11, 2002 season, McNabb breaks his ankle on the 3rd play of the game yet stays in the game and throws 4 touchdowns.

Also Donovan is a team man. He too has to know that the Eagles are sunk with Kolb as the QB. Hopefully Andy rewards McNabb's super man attitude and gives him a running game to heal on.

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