Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kolb Just Has to Be Koy Good

Did anyone think that maybe Kolb delivers a Koy Detmer-like performance this Sunday against the Siants? We (myself included) are so quick to assume that Kolb will suck it up this weekend. Garcia will enter the game after halftime and then start Week 3 against Kansas City.
Hey, the feelings of doom and gloom are well earned based on past Kolb performances. But maybe, just maybe, Kolb has some Koy magic in him. Remember that Monday night game in 2002 (November 25). Donovan McNabb had broken his ankle the prior week against the Cardinals. Everyone gave Detmer zero shot to beat the mighty 49ers on Monday Night Football.

Damn, were we so wrong!. In steps Koy to hit on almost 70% of his passes, throw 2 TDs, post a QB rating of 121.8, and most importantly, lead the Eagles to an 18 point lead. A nobody back-up QB was shining on prime time.

Unfortunately for Mr. Neckbeard he would dislocate his elbow in the 3rd quarter, ending his game of glory. But no worries, another nobody back-up QB stepped in, Mrs. Mitts, to lead the Eagles to a playoff berth.

Moral of today's post, don't go writing off Kolb just yet. Even the worst of QBs can step up when finally given a chance. Our hope of the Eagles entering the bye week undefeated is still a possibility, even with Kolb.

But if he does tank, well Kolb is f-ed because even a Koy Detmer could deliver at the QB spot for the Eagles when called upon.

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