Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saying Hello, Saying Good Riddance

You Bleed the Green so by now you know that the Eagles have placed Shawn Andrews on IR. The Big Disappointment is lost for another season.

Yeah, the kid has talent but the Eagles would be wise to cut their ties with Andrews this off-season. Eat the million dollars and get rid of the constant questions and headaches that always seem to surround Shawn. (Plus Shawn has a great singing career ahead of him so what does he need the Eagles for?!?)

With Shawn on IR, the roster shuffling continues. Out is Andrews, in officially is Jeff Garcia. Oddly, in still are 7 WRs, despite deactivating 2 WRs for the Panthers game. But the roster shuffle looks to continue with reports that the Eagles are attempting to find a trading partner for Hank Baskett. (So much for the fade to Baskett in the back of the endzone!)

So soon Hank will be gone, freeing up another roster spot. My guess is that Runyan will be signed for depth at the RT spot or as insurance if Justice becomes the Justice of old. Or if the Eagles don't sign Big Jon maybe the Eagles use the extra spot to activate Vick prior to week 3.

Activating Vick a week early would allow him to practice with the team while McNabb is nursing his rib injury. Or maybe Garcia is the QB answer while McNabb is out (yes, I have already given up on Kolb), in that case I guess Vick stays inactive since he already knows how to run from the QB spot.

So damn confusing with these Eagles. Oh well, at least they are 1-0!

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