Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vick Coming Back? Maybe Soon

Tony Curtis out, Alex Smith in. I do not expect this to be the last shake-up of the current 53 man roster. I am guessing (and it's a confident guess) that another big roster move will be coming later this week (and it's not the resigning of Greg Lewis).

The big move is that the Eagles will cut either WR Reggie Brown or WR Hank Baskett. (Maybe Brown too can find himself a playboy model to cover the bills). I think the Eagles are currently carrying 7 WRs in hopes of landing a trading partner for 1 of these 2 players. Once they realize there are no takers (which I find hard to believe) they will trim down to 6 WRs.

Who gets the extra spot? Michael Vick of course. Yes I am aware that Vick is suspended for the first 2 games. But Vick needs to be practicing with the team during the suspension. See Thursday's game against the Jets as reason #1, 2, 3, etc...

Under the suspension and since the Eagles do not have Vick on the active roster he can only attend meetings. Vick cannot practice with the team until after the Saints game. Not having Vick practice until then just adds to the rust. Not having Vick practice until then just adds to the teams' inability to develop cohesion and chemistry with the teams other offensive pieces.

Though I see Vick as only a gimmick player he is still a valuable weapon. And the weapon needs to be working with the first team offense at practice. We cannot have a repeat of the Jaguars preseason game where rhythm is interrupted and people are complaining about the disruption.

Oh yeah, the Eagles and especially Reid have a lot riding on the Vick project being a success this season. You do not keep Vick away from the team an additional 2 weeks with these high stakes. Chemistry, maybe Reid's job, the credibility of the franchise, the credibility of the owner were all put on the line when Vick inked the contract.

So the move has to be coming.

And here's another thought for you...how about Baskett being the odd man out? I am worried about the health of Curtis. Last year it was the sports hernia, this year it is the knee. If Curtis can't stay healthy I would rather have a WR with starting experience (Brown) lining up opposite DeSean until Maclin is ready to assume the starting spot (which could be a while based on his lengthy camp absence).

And hey, if you need an extra WR later in the season, there's always Lewis! 5 days until kick-off. The madness has only just begun!

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