Friday, December 18, 2009

Westbrook Maybe Coming Back This Week With A Special Helmet!

The chance of Brian Westbrook playing this week is continuing to increase. The veteran Running Back has been out for a total of 7 games this season, most recently because of multiple sustained concussions. Westbrook, a 3-time Pro-Bowl player, has been undergoing tests and evaluations from various medical examiners and neurosurgeons over the past few weeks, and appears to finally be ready to return to the field.
It was dubbed likely that Westbrook would miss the entire season and perhaps be forced to retire from football when he initially suffered his second concussion of the year while playing against the
San Diego Chargers in early November. However, the team has made it quite clear that the versatile runner is far from being done, and that he is probably even going to suit up this Sunday versus the 49ers.
According to a team source, Westbrook is planning on donning a specially-designed helmet if/when he returns to the
Eagles’ lineup. The head piece apparently contains an additional protective padding that is not found in other helmets. It also includes a shock-absorbing material that was actually used to protect the heads of former Navy SEAL soldiers in battle. If a football helmet with the strength of an army warrior’s head piece isn’t enough to keep the 8th-year player safe, then I certainly don’t what will. Seriously, though, this special piece of equipment is designed to turn hard hits into “glancing blows”, reducing the possibility of sustaining a concussion.
Head coach Andy Reid made no comment about the potential helmet change for Westbrook, but he did speak regarding the RB’s practice status for the week: “I am today [planning on having Westbrook playing this week] … It’s a day-to-day thing.” [He will practice with the scout team this week, and we're] just getting him back into football shape.”
In other injury news, TE Brent Celek missed this afternoon’s practice session with a sore back, but WR Kevin Curtis–who has been out since Week 2 with a nagging knee injury–was able to participate in a limited role.

Eagles Vs. San Francisco. Is It A Trap Game?

Is This A Trap Game?
Picture this: You have just come off a big victory over a playoff contender, and your team is being hyped up by the national media as a Super Bowl contender. And now, you get to take on the sub-.500 San Francisco 49ers.
This describes the
Philadelphia Eagles.
A week ago it described the
Arizona Cardinals.
Arizona's 30-17 victory over Minnesota (that was not as close as the score indicates) was arguably more impressive than our win yesterday. They were in prime position for a 3-seed and in striking distance of Minnesota for the first-round bye. They had a chance to clinch the NFC West for the second year in a row in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football.
What did they do? They turned the ball over 7 times.
Frank Gore rushed for 167 yards and the 49ers had a comfortable victory.
The Eagles cannot afford to have an emotional let-down. The fact is they are playing another tough team that will cause some match up problems. We are the better team, we are playing at home against a west coast team playing on a short week. But we CANNOT sleep on this game. The Eagles need to come out with the same intensity as last week. They have not won anything yet. I want to see the young guys (particularly Desean Jackson, who has been a national sensation this week) come out with the same intensity again.
Offensively, we have an advantage.
Roddy White torched the 49ers secondary for 200 yards and I think the Eagles should have success through the air. The matchup of Brent Celek and Patrick Willis should be interesting as well. However, I expect the Eagles to put up at least 28 points.
The defense is another story. Can they shake off last week's effort? They're facing young, but talented receivers again this week.
Michael Crabtree is similar to Hakeem Nicks, but he is better. He can break tackles, jump and make great catches. Josh Morgan provides some speed opposite him, and of course the Eagles will have problems covering Vernon Davis. Frank Gore had a big game last week and the Eagles have struggled with running backs like LT (and even last week the rush defense was meh).
The key is, then, to force Alex Smith into turnovers by bringing the heat consistently. Force them into third and long and force errant throws that can be gobbled up by
Asante Samuel and CO.
This is not the Eagles defense of old. Teams are going to move the ball on us, and they are going to score. I think our defense is very similar to the
New Orleans Saints. The Saints give up a lot of points. They have some talented players. But they have no left defensive end opposite Will Smith, and they are weak at one of the safety spots. In addition, outside of Jonathan Vilma, the linebackers have been inconsistent. However, while teams do score on them, the Saints force turnovers at the right time, and the explosive offense takes care of the rest This Eagles defense will have to rely on big plays to help the offense win the game.
The mentality for the Eagles will be the key. Will Desean Jackson take it easy? This week he arrived as a superstar. Is he going to rest on his laurels? Because he can't. He is our best player and we need him to play like he's capable of playing. Will the defense continue to make sloppy plays? Or will the veterans step up and light a fire under the defense's ass. Time will tell. But we cannot afford to become Week 15's version of the Week 14 Arizona Cardinals.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eagles vs. Giants Offense Review

What a game! 850 yards of total offense! This really showed Eagle fans how many weapons we really have. I think our goal to winning a Superbowl is in our sights. Here is a break down of what I took from this game.

Offense- First person I have to start with is D-Jax. He is unbelievable! I can't remember having such a huge offensive weapon since T.O. D-Jax had 6 catches for 178 yards and 1 receiving touchdown and 1 punt return touchdown. D-Jax is so fast he runs a 4.3/40. He is by far the fastest guy on the field every week and one of the fastest players in the league. Next I have to talk about Donovan Mcnabb who also had a huge game with 275 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a spectacular 110 QB rating. For all you Mcnabb haters answer one question. Could Kevin Kolb have sealed the game with a 91 yard drive in the 3rd/4th quarter against a hungry Giants D. I think Not! Let's not forget about our run game which sets up the big plays. Shady Mccoy keeps maturing each and every week and Leonard Weaver is a Beast! Enough said. Brent Celek is definitely earning that money the Eagles front office just threw at him. He has the making of a great tight end and is a huge upgrade from last years starter L.J. Smith. At least the fans who bought L.J.'s jersey can wear it again without being embarrassed, with the addition of Alex Smith who is also # 82. Also don't forget about Mike Vick who is back in football shape and is a huge threat in 3rd and short situations. He has been playing very well and also upping his stock so we can get a good 2nd or 3rd round pick for him this off season. If our offense can consistently keep playing at a high level I see good things in the future. Also kudos to Andy for keeping a balanced offense with close to a even pass/run ratio. This is a quick strike offense and when Westbrook and Curtis come back it is going to be very difficult to defend us.