Friday, March 22, 2013

Review of Football themed Casino Games

Alongside playing Fantasy Football, casino games based on the game are great diversions from the emotional strain of following your team through the season, and this probably accounts for the huge popularity of both activities. Again like Fantasy Football, there are a number of different options open to those who want football themed casino games – although one of the best known is probably $5 Million Touchdown.

This five reel, nine pay line game, which features a video bonus game, is named after the size of the maximum jackpot available – which goes a long way to explaining why you should enjoy playing it. However, beyond that it also offers a brilliant NFL themed slots experience, particularly when it comes to the bonus game. This game involves you having to pass the football from one player to another, until you either fumble it (in which case you lose) or you score a touchdown (which sees you win). With each pass you successfully make, you increase your bonus credits, and this game goes a long way towards capturing the excitement of an actual NFL game.

It isn’t the only American football slots game available though, with probably the most notable rival to it being Pigskin Payout – the name referring to the football itself. This game features fine graphics, depicting a stadium backdrop, with the actual reels designed to look like a scoreboard. As with $5 Million Touchdown, the reel icons are all familiar sights from a typical NFL game, including a quarterback, referee, cheerleader, and the 50 yard line, while should you score a winning reel, you will see the cheerleader dance, the player avoid a tackle and the referee blow his whistle. Pigskin Payout also offers the chance of a really big payout – perhaps not the size of $5 Million, but still bigger than most slots games – thanks to its Jackpot Can’t Lose bonus feature. Both of these online casino games should prove just as fun as playing NFL Fantasy Football, for fans of the league and of betting.

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